FormIt Help


Use this help file to learn about the features of FormIt.  FormIt is divided into five screens comprised of:



Gallery View


Capture View


Edit View


Share View


Settings View


These screens can be accessed at any time using the tab buttons at the bottom.




FormIt was designed to allow a single-paged worksheet or template to be filled in electronically through the use of various tools located across the various screens.


The colors used in the various FormIt screens were selected so as to not overly stimulate children and help them focus.


Gallery View


The Gallery view presents the various projects that have been worked on using FormIt.  Saved projects are listed here and this view can be scrolled to show the complete listing of documents.  The listing shows the preview image for each document so that you can easily find the one you’re interested in.  The status bar at the bottom presents the number of documents available.


The Gallery toolbar allows the following functions:



Create new FormIt file


Open the selected FormIt file


Rename the selected file


Copy the selected file


Delete the selected file


To select a document you just tap it.  Once tapped, a preview of the document will be shown on the right side of the screen along with some details about it.  Only one document can be selected at any one time.  If you tap another document, it becomes the current selection.  If you tap on another portion of the Gallery screen, it de-selects all documents.


If you tap on the document twice, it opens the document and takes you automatically to the ‘Edit’ screen.  The other way to open a file would be to select it and then tap the ‘Open’ toolbar button.


To start a new document just tap the ‘New’ toolbar button.  This will start a new FormIt document without any background image.  You will then be taken to the ‘Edit’ screen.  At any time you can tap on the ‘Capture’ tab button at the bottom to add a background image to the document.  You should do this at the start of editing so that you align added objects properly.


Capture View


The capture view allows a background image to be selected for your FormIt document.   There are a number of ways you can choose a background image.



You can select an image from pictures you have already taken.  You can also save images from emails and bring them into FormIt this way.


You can take a picture of a document using the iPad’s camera and bring it into FormIt directly.


You can open a PDF document into FormIt directly from an email.  Hold down the attachment in your email and select the FormIt App icon to open it.


Once you have selected a background image, FormIt previews it in the capture screen.  If you have taken a picture using the iPad’s camera you can save the picture to the Camera Roll using: 


To use the preview image as a background for your FormIt document you must tap the ‘Use Image’ toolbar button: 


Edit View


The Edit view allows you to add objects to your FormIt document including:


Š      Adding text

Š      Drawing shapes

Š      Adding pictures

Š      Selecting a portion of the document and making an image

Š      Adding a date

Š      Inserting symbols: üor X


Once an object is added, the function needs to be selected again to add another object.


Once you insert an object, you can select it by tapping it once.  A blue selection box will appear.  Once selected, it can be moved around in the document.  Tapping on the selection box brings up a context menu giving you other options to manipulate for that specific type of object.  Depending on the object selected the menu items will be different.  




Objects can be re-sized by touching the object selection box near the blue outer frame.  When the object is re-sizing, the selection box will turn to green.  You can select each side of the selection box, one by one, to re-size the object.  However, if the object is locked it cannot be moved or re-sized.  A locked object has a yellow selection frame when tapped.


Types of object selection frames:


Object Selected &

Object Unlocked

Object Selected &

Object is being Resized

Object Selected &

Object Locked


To have the context menu disappear, touch somewhere else on the screen.


Reading Text


FormIt also allows you to select text which can be read to you.  You can select a text box and then tap the Read button and FormIt will read the contents of the text box to you.  Alternatively, you can tap the Read button, highlight a section of your FormIt document and FormIt will read it to you.  What FormIt does in this case is to take what you have selected, convert it to an image, convert that image to text and then read the text to you.  How good FormIt reads will depend on how good the background image is.  Currently, FormIt only understands and reads in English.


Adding Text 


Text can be added from the ‘Text’ tool button.

Two types of text objects can be added: 

1.     Text Field:  Allows a single line of text

2.     Text Box:  Allows multiple lines of text to be added


A text field can be added by tapping where you want it inserted.  A text box can be added in the same way or you can ‘draw’ where you would like it placed.


Drawing Shapes


The following shapes can be drawn on the screen:  line, rectangle, circle and scribble.  After you select the type of object you would like to draw, draw it on the screen with your finger.


Adding Pictures


Pictures can be added to the worksheet in two ways:


1.     A picture can be added from the Camera Roll from pictures already taken

2.     A portion of your worksheet can be selected and converted to a picture which is added to your worksheet.  This tool can be used to cut the portion of a graphical pattern which repeats, for example.


Inserting Symbols


The following can be inserted into a worksheet:


1.     The name of the user.  The user name can be set in the settings screen.  The name entered is only stored locally for FormIt’s use.

2.     The current date.

3.     A check mark symbol.

4.     An ‘X’ symbol.


Share View


The Share view allows the open FormIt document to be shared, saved as an image or sent to a printer.


The preview image shows how the current worksheet will look when printed or saved as an image.  If the Edit View orientation is in portrait then the final document will be in portrait and vice versa.


The following tools are available in the share screen:

1.     Transfer – You can transfer the FormIt worksheet or native document using a number of different techniques:  AirDrop, Email, Camera Roll, etc.

2.     Email

3.     Send to Camera Roll

4.     Print to an AirPrint printer.


Settings View


The Settings view allows the user to customize preferences for FormIt tools as well as providing access to useful informational links for children and parents.


Importing Files

You can import a FormIt document file (‘FI’) sent to you through email by tapping on the email attachment and selecting the FormIt App icon .